Online Power Breakfast June

Online Power Breakfast June

Nowadays organizations are more data driven than ever. For many, Business Intelligence (BI) is not an unknown subject. But do you have a true understanding of its benefits and the various possibilities?

That is why Kasparov Finance & BI organizes an online seminar on the 10th of June, between 8:00 – 10:00 AM. During this session we will tell you more about the advantages of Power BI and will be presenting a live Demo.

This is what the program entails:

  • BI trends and developments
  • The advantages of Power BI
  • Step-by-step plan for an effective dashboard
  • Business case
  • Live Demo
  • Tips for an optimal implementation

Do you want an insight into the possibilities of BI? Are you considering taking the first steps? Than sign up for our Power Breakfast on the 10th of June!

Evenement details


For more information please contact:

Lisaima Luijten
BI Consultant

Lisaima laat organisaties nut en noodzaak inzien van Business Intelligence en schakelt hierbij met alle bedrijfslagen. Dit vertaalt ze naar visueel aantrekkelijke rapportages. Ze heeft Power BI geïmplementeerd bij onder meer Brownline en Refresco. 


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